Wholesale Partners Workshop

Our wholesale clients — cafe baristas, cafe managers, & coffee shop owners. Partners may book up to two seats (per schedule, per company) for free.

Bookings are subject to Archers' management approval.

NEXT SCHEDULE: 29 May 2024

An Overview
- Specialty coffee value chain
- Brief history of coffee
- Processing methods & effect on taste & cup quality

Extracting Espresso
- Grinder manipulation & calibration
- Ratios & recipe structure

Hands-on Activities
- Comparative cupping
- Pulling shots

Best Practices & Tips

Wilden Pretorius is team leader of Customers Relations at Archers & is also part of Quality Control.  He is a Licensed Q Grader and Q Processing Generalist.Five years in coffee and counting, he started as a barista, worked his way up to managing a cafe, & gained processing experience at origin before joining Archers. He is an avid coffee processing enthusiast passionate about uplifting the profession through his work.

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Slots are subject to availability and approval.