Yemen Nano-Lot Collection

Here is an astonishing curation from coffee’s fabled birthplace, featuring Anaerobic Natural Typica-Odaini, a variety native to Yemen. 

Local farming families tend to the coffee trees grown on terraces that cling to fertile mountains in the highlands of the Ibb Governorate, and whose cherries capture extraordinary fruity and floral notes not found elsewhere. Harvest from these trees is the main, if not only, source of their livelihood. Without the advantage of well-established infrastructure, the yields are low and families need to pool their harvests together before being able to bring them to market.

Our partner, Mokha not Mocha, strives to bring ease to the Yemeni farmers’ lives through their community-based specialty coffee initiative. As a venue for the evaluation and processing of coffee cherries, Mokha not Mocha provides the opportunity to continuously improve coffee quality and commercial value, in order to increase the farming families’ income and better their quality of life.

Featured coffees are from Mohammed Mosleh Ghalab, and the Shaia’an and Al Sanaa’ Collectives.