Competition Series

Competition Series coffees are distinct because of careful cultivation, innovative processing, and expert roasting technique. These 90+ grade coffees are finely nuanced, displaying similar attributes to the coffees champions choose to present on the world stage.

Origins are exclusive micro/nano lots in Panama, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and Ethiopia under the stewardship of our award-winning partner producers: Abu Coffee, Lamastus Family Estates, Finca Deborah, Savage Coffees, Iris Estate, Janson Coffee, Ninety Plus Coffee, Creativa Coffee District, Cafe Granja La Esperanza, La Palma Y El Tucan, Finca El Paraiso, Inmaculada Coffee Farms, La Margarita Reserve, Finca Soledad, Alo Coffee, Elto Coffee, and Daye Bensa Coffees.