Why Blend? Why Darker? Why Now?

Since Archers’ inception, we’ve always shone the spotlight on delicately roasted single-origin coffees because they embody what we believe the essence of specialty coffee to be — quality, transparency, and sustainability, which are also our values.

In those days and only until recently, we have been reluctant to engage in the two things that have been typecast as contrary to, even undermining, the essence of specialty coffee — blends and more developed roasts.

With the passing of time, what we know has grown, just as the way we carry out our work and the tools we use have also progressed. 

As such, from our vantage point here and now, it has become clearer that our common passion— specialty coffee — can be so much more dynamic, exhilarating, and welcoming than we had been allowing it to be. 

And now that we have the knowledge and the technology to let it, without compromising our values, we should and we are — through these three bespoke blends.

Each one is thoroughly curated from the same seasonally sourced, higher-end specialty coffee beans intentionally processed by our long-time producing partners and meticulously roasted with the same purposeful Archers approach.


is a well-balanced medium roast blend to elevate your daily coffee-drinking experience.


brings together the best of both worlds in this alluring dark blend, adding enchantment to your favorite milk-based drink.

Black Diamond

for the picky palate — enjoy this luscious, upscale medium-dark blend to make your favorite milk coffee magical.

Consider these bespoke Archers blends our open invitation —

First, welcoming all coffee aficionados, especially those still reluctant to approach specialty coffee, to come through and give specialty a try.

And also, reassuring every specialty coffee lover, especially the bright and crystalline single-origin filter coffee fiends, that there’s no harm and it can be fun, mixing it up and taking a ride on the dark side, sometimes.