Timemore Crystal Eye Clear 02 Size Dripper Set

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Dripper Size: 02 (2-4 Cups)
Server Size: 600ml
Dripper Material:
 PCTG Plastic
Server Material: Glass
Compatible with V60-02 Filters

It is made of PCTG resin, BPA-free, durable and easy to clean.

The new design makes the filter paper closer fits with the dripper.

Three-layer construction is clear. The first layer is sealed layer where water cannot pass because there’s no groove on the surface. It can control the water-flow when you pour in a large water flow; The second is water layer where you can pour water. The area of the concave lessen gradually in order to control the speed of the water flow; The last is coffee layer where 15/20g coffee ground just take over. Large amount of grooves can make the extraction more even.

Filter paper fully fits the dripper. The special design of groove makes the dripper surface a fully cone so it solve the problem of fitness with the filter and the dripper. It’s easy to make a coffee ground even you’re a beginner.

Change the traditional pattern. Instead of controlling the water flow by ribs like traditional filter cups, it is designed to be concave in most areas, so that the water flow is more uniform and smooth, with the smooth permeability, there is no need to worry about over-extraction when the water flow is slow.

Borosilicate Glass material that is heat resistant and helps to keep the temperature well. (Safe operating temperature is – 80°C to 200°C)

The mouth of the server is designed for easy pouring of coffee. The handle is thick and comfortable to hold.