Simplify the Brewer by Bathtub Coffee

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Nobody wants bad coffee. Coffee equipment is useless unless it makes good coffee. SIMPLIFY the Brewer makes good coffee a part of your daily life. From newbies, coffeeholics, to professional baristas, anyone can make the best coffee with SIMPLIFY the Brewer. 

Lesser, faster and stronger.

Minimising the contact between the brewer and a paper filter, maximising the flow rate. And also because of the other reasons below, the extraction yield gets high and the coffee is brewed strong enough.

A big hole of 40mm

The hole bigger than any other traditional brewers never disturbs the flow. 

Air vent between the brewer and server

Three legs make an air vent between the brewer and server which lets air go out and accelerates the flow.

Pseudo Double Wall Structure

In traditional pour over brewers, the inside temperature goes down while brewing. On the other hand, SIMPLIFY the Brewer keeps the temperature inside with its unique pseudo double wall structure of the brewer and a paper filter.

Six bottom protrusions

The protrusions deform the bottom of the paper filter. The deformation urges water to move inside SIMPLIFY the Brewer, which helps to extract more and more.

Perfect material for brewers. 

The thermal conductivity of plastics are lower than a quarter of glasses' or ceramics', and it helps brewing to be more stable (for more information about this, see here). Among many kinds of plastics, we have chosen TROGAMID® CX by Evonik Industries AG, a BPA-free transparent nylon, which is perfect for brewers.


Reliable food safety standards

TROGAMID® CX is approved for food contact by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). It is also compatible to Japanese Food Sanitation Act.

Crystal clarity

Because of its crystal clarity, TROGAMID® CX is also used for optical goods. High ultraviolet resistance keeps its transparency permanently. 


TROGAMID® CX features excellent durability and resistance to any shock , you can use it for a long time.


The gravity of TROGAMID® CX is 1.02, and its weight is less than a half of glasses' or ceramics'. SIMPLIFY the Brewer itself weighs only about 50g.

Even the little things are for a mighty tasty coffee.

Paper filters you can get anywhere.

We recommend Kalita Wave Filter 185. The standard filter simplifys your filter-purchasing.

Made in Japan

SIMPLIFY the Brewer is manufactured in a well-managed factory in Japan.

Recommended Recipe

  1. Set a paper filter in SIMPLIFY the Brewer, and rinse the filter (or not if you are lazy).
  2. Pour water at the centre of 15g fine ground coffee (No circular motion!).
  3. When you pour 230g of water for 30 seconds, stop it.
  4. Wait for 60 to 90 seconds until all the water drops from the brewer.
  5. Serve and enjoy!