SCA Brewing Intermediate

Candidates entering this course ideally should have a general understanding about brewing. A good pre-course to this is SCA Brewing Foundation.

Archers Academy students leave with:
- Industry-recognized credentials via an SCA Certificate & an Archers Academy Certificate
- Detailed hand-outs of all course content
- A bag of Archers coffee to enjoy and share
- A new life skill
- More coffee friends

Course Outline:
- Understand how to use the SCA Brew Control Chart and experiment on different brewing profiles, manipulating ratios and other parameters.
- Learn about how roast profile, temperature and grind size affects extraction in coffee
- Learn about cold brew
- Deeper understanding of the importance of water in coffee extraction
- Using different brewing equipment and applying water with different mineral components to perceive the differences in the drink.

Dave Peralta is Co-Founder & Head of Education at Archers. Throughout his 15 years in the coffee industry, he has taken each opportunity to expand his knowledge & give back by teaching a range of coffee disciplines to diverse students in the UAE & abroad.

He is an SCA AST, Q Lecturer, Q Grader, & holds Q Processing credentials. He also obtained a CAS in Coffee from ZHAW University and WSET in Wine & Spirits: Level 2 to complement his coffee education.


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