While we're all about the finest specialty coffee, we do appreciate how some tastes & flavors are beautifully expressed by tea.

This is why, after much contemplation and discussion among our team, and with evidently excessive enthusiasm – we present you with Archers Matcha.

As a cocktail-grade matcha, it is meant to be savored in many ways by go-getting, fun-loving matcha enthusiasts — especially as a base for the popular matcha latte. That’s because Archers Matcha’s predominantly green yet complex and pleasantly savory character cuts through and works deliciously with milk.

As such, it is suitable for brewing and drinking, whether hot or cold, and for crafting delectable confections,  from chilled treats like sorbets and ice cream to baked delicacies like croissants, cakes, and cookies.

Explore the tastefully greener side of the flavor spectrum soon! Get your Archers Matcha here.

Organic Green Tea Matcha

Organic Green Tea Matcha

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mellow vegetal grassy notes, natural sweet nuttiness, a hint of bitterness with a pleasant savory finish

Weight 200 grams

brewing guide

  • IDEAL MATCHA TO MILK RATIO: 1:20-1:30 (Meaning 1 part matcha to 20-30 parts of milk / alternative)

How to Make a Matcha Latte:

- Scoop 1 teaspoon (5gm) of matcha powder into your cup.

- Pour just enough 70-80'C of hot water to fully dilute the matcha.

- Whisk until the matcha dissolves into a paste-like mixture.

- Add 150ml of your preferred milk or non-dairy alternatives.

- Add flavorings/sweeteners as per your liking.

- Stir and savor, hot or cold, to your heart's satisfaction.