Ecuador - Finca Chorora

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raspberry, guava, apricot, candied lemon

Producer: Olinka Velez / Finca Chorora
Process: Carbonic Maceration
Location: Sozoranga, Loja
Elevation:1500 MASL
Variety: Sidra
Crop Year: 2022

Tasting Notes:
raspberry, guava, apricot, candied lemon

Sidra is a hybrid variety known to exhibit the sweetness and mouthfeel of Red Bourbon and the vibrant acidity of Typica. Along with a great variety of local coffees, Sidra thrives in the loam type soil of Finca Chorora, which sits at 1,500 masl in Sozoranga, Loja. At this altitude, the farm enjoys favorable levels of humidity and moderate temperatures between 17-23 degrees celsius.

With organic farming practices, systematic management of the coffee plantation, and novel processing methods which maximize the coffee’s juices during fermentation, Olinka Velez/Finca Chorora looks forward to sustainably offering the best of Ecuadorian specialty coffee to the world.

Weight 250 gm
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