Peak / 80mm Redspeed Burr

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What, When, Why

What’s in a burr?
So what exactly is special about a burr grinder, well, to start, let’s just say that how you grind your coffee matters. It matters because of the way coffee is extracted and how that delicious flavor makes its way into your cup.

In order to do that, we need to chop up the beans into even smaller pieces so the water can get at the tasty stuff more quickly -- and that’s where the burrs come in.

When to change the burrs?

Easy answer is to change your burrs using the grinder burr manufacturer recommendation.

EK43 98mm - change at 14,000lbs of coffee
Peak 80mm - change at 3,000 - 3500lbs of coffee
SP2 75mm - change at 1,300 - 1,500lbs of coffee
Mythos 74mm - change at 1,500lbs of coffee

Burr life is calculated by burr size and the amount of coffee put through your grinder. While there are recommended grinder burr life spans these will vary base on the burr material and size.

Premature burr wear can be caused by rocks, nails etc., that aren’t removed in the roasting, sorting and bagging.

Worn Burrs to look for:
1. Grind consistency. Are your grounds similar in size with very little variations?
2. Taste. Does your coffee taste flat o matter what you do?
3. Burr edges. Do they feel dull?
4. Inconsistent shot time. Are your shot times jumping around shot to shot, even though you aren’t making any changes?
5. Grinder makes more heat and noisy. Does it takes longer to grind the same amount of coffee?

Prolonged Life?
To prolong the life of your burrs is to keep them clean as fines and oils will accumulate over time.

Brand new burrs can require a breaking in or “seasoning" period before they achieve the consistency you might desire. It’s a good idea to save a few pounds of old coffee so that you have something other than fresh coffee