New Origin Alert! Peru’s La Margarita Coffee Reserve 🇵🇪

Maverick Specialty Coffee Mavens’ Refined Take on the Geisha

What great things happen when we start on our dreams, wherever we are, making the most of what we have, & doing what we love?

For Peruvian specialty coffee’s maverick mavens Neto Solorzano Vizarreta and Ivan Salas Solorzano, one great thing was ranking among the topmost lots at the 2022 Peru Cup of Excellence, with a Geisha grown and wash-processed at their formative, and pared-back yet progressive, agricultural passion project La Margarita Coffee Reserve, situated amid the breathtaking natural landscapes of lesser known coffee-growing district, Ocobamba in the historic Cusco region.

Now, for us here at Archers and all our friends— all at once specialty coffee lovers, big dreamers, and daring doers — the great thing is that we finally get our first taste of a coffee dream come true from Peru, through our Competition Series La Margarita, Washed Hybrid - Slow Dry Geisha. We softly launched it amid the discerning Hotelex Shanghai crowd’s glowing reviews, and are thrilled to finally be sharing it with you. 

Even before the La Margarita COE accolade, Ivan and Neto have been recognized for spurring the regeneration of the terroir's inherent jungle environment and encouraging biodiversity to flourish, while driving the substantial and sustained productivity of their operations. They are also esteemed as two of the creative and meticulous minds behind the hip and purposeful Three Monkeys Coffee, gearing up to fire up their home community’s specialty coffee scene in the very near future.

Friends, with cups of Neto and Ivan’s La Margarita Coffee Reserve Geisha close by, now is a really good time to start stepping into your greatness too. 

Shop here for your share, or when you step into our roastery in Sharjah soon!