Finca Lerida: Embracing Panama 

From the Essential to the Elevated 🇵🇦

It's taken a sweet while but the moment is finally ripe to offer you a peerlessly inclusive range from Lerida Coffee Estate.

Let’s give our singular specialty coffee heroine, Maria Antonella Amoruso — leader of the Best of Panama-recognized 100-year-old Lerida coffee legacy — the warmest welcome as one of our new producing partners of competition-caliber Panama Geisha and the first to bring us Panama-origin Typica and Pacamara.

Lerida Coffee Estate has been stewarded over three generations across three families for over a century. It was founded in 1924 by Norwegian immigrants, engineer Toleff Bache Mönniche and his wife, Julia. It continued to thrive in the 1950s, supervised by American couple Alfredo and Inga Collins, and through to the late 2000s with their sons Hans and Charlie until Maria took over in 2008.

When she did, it placed the esteemed estate and its flourishing heritage under her astute and instinctive care as a Boquete-born mother of six, entrepreneur, and coffee lover. Since then, she has steered Lerida toward global renown as a consistent Best of Panama producer of the highest-scoring lots within the Top 10 in both Geisha and Varietal categories.

We got to preview coffees in a similar league, including these new releases, at HotelEx Shanghai in the springtime in the company of Maria, her husband, and our friends who stopped by. And now, it's finally our turn to enjoy them here, friends. 

If you’ve been raring to taste and tinker with Panama-origin coffees expressive of a greater spectrum of the country’s varieties and terroirs, this release featuring Best of Panama mainstay Lerida Coffee Estate, is most especially for you. 

Get your share here or when you swing by our roastery in Sharjah soon!