Who are your specialty coffee heroes? Here at Archers, a name that comes to mind real quick— Jamison Savage of Finca Deborah, Iris Estate, & Savage Coffees.

Jamison has role-modeled biodynamic cultivation practices since the establishment of his first farm, the acclaimed Finca Deborah, in the early 2000s’, and trailblazed for intentional, science-backed, alternative processing approaches with podium-finishing results since 2016.  

For that reason, he has long been widely known, greatly admired, and deeply respected among the earliest lovers of specialty coffee, but foremost by top-ranking coffee competitors and coffee competition aficionados.

Among those superb outcomes made possible by Jamison’s work are our David Disuanco's National Brewer’s Cup Championship win in 2021 and 2022 WBrC finish at 7th — the first time a UAE rep broke into the top 10 since competing in 2017— as well as our Kemal Risyad's top-ranking performances in the 2021 and 2022 UAE National Barista Championships. 

Approaching our 5th year of partnership, we couldn’t be more honored and excited to share eight new expressions of Jamison’s visionary perspective on the Panama Geisha with you — from Finca Deborah, Iris Estate, and Savage Coffees.

Cherish the thought that a good deed you’d done, a bright idea you shared, or kind words you said have made you a hero to someone while savoring these new Jamison Savage Competition Series coffees. Get them here now, or visit our roastery in Sharjah for your stash soon!

A Life-changing Shift: From Finance to Coffee Farming

It was in the early 2000s when Jamison, at the height of his finance career in the US, decided a change was in order. He longed for a freer lifestyle to give himself and his family a chance to spend more time outdoors and travel. At the same time, he was looking for a real estate asset to fill a gap in his investment portfolio. The choice was between Panama and New Zealand. Panama eventually won out for practical reasons and the sheer beauty and promise of the land. 

Their deliberation and preparation took about five years and culminated in 2008, the year the Savage family uprooted and started anew on foreign soil. They made their new home in the Volcan region of the Chiriqui province, the seat of Panama Geisha cultivation and home to Finca Deborah, Iris Estate, and Savage Coffees.

Finca Deborah is Jamison Savage’s foremost terroir-cognizant coffee plantation at 1,700 to 1,900 masl in Volcan, Chiriqui, Panama. The farm rests beneath a rainforest canopy and is organically cultivated, and entirely solar-powered. The pristine surroundings allow the elegant Geisha trees to flourish, so cherries simply take in and contain the innate lushness and vibrance of the environment.

Iris Estate, the latest in Jamison’s pursuit of the perfect cup, is a collaboration with Sasa Sestic of Project Origin and Elvin Chin Wei of Cloud Catcher. Situated at extreme elevations amid the pristine environs of Volcan, Iris Estate’s founders believe it is where all the ideal conditions converge for ‘super-specialty’ coffee to ‘create itself.’

Meanwhile, Savage Coffees is a collaboration between Jamison Savage and boutique coffee producers in the highlands of Boquete and Volcan — known as Panama’s Valley of Flowers and Eternal Spring. The community’s heritage expertise paired with Jamison’s years of disciplined experimentation consistently deliver podium-finishing coffees reflecting the land's character.