La Palma y El Tucan: Specialty Coffee Dream-builders of Cundinamarca 🇨🇴

Savor Heroes Series Geisha from pioneering, vision-achieving, & award-winning estate in Colombia

Begin to turn the possibility of your daydreams into reality with inspiring cups of Geisha from the acclaimed La Palma y El Tucan of Colombia.

La Palma y El Tucan in the heritage coffee-growing zone of Cundinamarca was established in 2011-2012 by Felipe Sardi and Elisa María Madriñan, the well-loved change-making trailblazers among Colombia’s most innovative and awarded estates. 

As first-generation coffee producers, they resolutely pursued the life they had always dreamt about until it became the day-to-day they would wake up to.

By cultivating rare coffee varieties and pioneering experiments in post-harvest processing amid an apprehensive milieu and despite the steep costs and high risks, they have contributed to reorienting the status quo in Colombian coffee production toward a more holistic understanding and pursuit of quality to mean more than high cup scores and unique cup profiles. 

As a result, they have redirected the attention and efforts of the more forward-thinking and eco-socially conscious members of our coffee community toward taking the preservation and regeneration of the natural environment into consideration as well.

And beyond that, they have also expanded the scope of their flourishing and influential enterprise to encompass less-equipped coffee farmers through their Neighbors and Crops business model, which has inspired like-minded producers to replicate and socialize it elsewhere.

Lay the groundwork for the life you choose, and keep going till it’s real, while relishing these distinctive and dreamy Colombian Geisha. Stash up on your share here now, or when you stop by our roastery in Sharjah soon.