Archers' 1st Ever Micro-lot from India 🇮🇳

Shattering Origin Stereotypes with Ratnagiri Estate’s Specialty Coffee

How delicious is the success of elevating coffee with Indian origins? Attained by Ashok Patre of Ratnagiri Estate, incredibly palate-pleasing—

So much so that we didn’t pass up the chance to score this particular Micro-lot, expand our coffee collection with a new origin country, and excitedly, rather impatiently, share it with you! 

Ratnagiri Estate, led by India’s specialty coffee pioneer, Ashok Patre, produced the coffees that got both the Gold and Silver trophies at India’s 2023 National Barista Championship —showcased by the Champion Hrishikesh Mohite and 1st Runner-up Sandra Girish.

Amazingly, those winning coffees — like this Pearl Mountain CM Intenso Lot RM 59 — were also of the same Central American Catuai variety that was cultivated, and thrived, in the Western Ghats of Karnataka in South India, where the coffee cherries captured the natural beauty of the terroir. They were similarly processed using an extended, carbonic maceration technique.

Driven by Ashok’s urgent desire to broaden limiting notions of where remarkable specialty coffee comes from, Ratnagiri Estate has not only adapted foreign varieties to their plantation but continues to thoughtfully experiment with fermentation and drying to create stereotype-shattering lots that raise India’s a noteworthy, albeit non-traditional, origin country of specialty coffee.

Reach for this cliché-crushing coffee here or when you come explore our coffee collection at our Sharjah roastery soon.