Guatemala’s Raul Rodas of Paradigma Coffee 🇬🇹

A World Barista Champ Enriching Flavor Diversity

Our community's vibrancy consists of our coffee friends' unique personalities & we always aim for our collection to mirror that.

One such standout personality is specialty coffee multi-hyphenate, Raul Rodas, World Barista Champion 2012 and Guatemala's 2024 National Brewer's Cup Champ. Raul had also been a cafe barista, coffee shop owner, and roaster before becoming the founder of @paradigma_coffee and an Archers producing partner in 2022. 

Thanks to the breadth, depth, and tenor of his experience in the world of coffee, coupled with his strong connections with like-minded farmers across the country's coffee-growing districts, we get to create more diverse sensory experiences for our friends at different stages of their journey through a wider array of Guatemala's finest coffees.

For espresso & Milk


This time around we've gladly gained access to Archers' first Guatemala-grown Geisha, wash-processed, alongside Bourbon and Caturra from disparate districts — washed from the northerly highlands of Huehuetenango, natural anaerobic from southeastern Santa Rosa, and natural-processed from Atitlan in the west. 

All of which, in a refreshing turn from our previous Guatemala release, also from Raul, convey cleaner cup characters while expressing distinctive, layered flavor profiles, resonant with the current shift in consumers' taste preferences toward more terroir-driven attributes. 

Take your pick from this accessibly expansive selection, and take your time to try them all.  Visit us in our roastery in Sharjah for your share or check them out here soon!