Essential Replenishment: Originland Ethiopia 🇪🇹

Sweetly Fruited Harmony & Aromatic Elegance

Thrilled we get to elevate our Specialty Selection regulars' espresso & milk bevies with floral-toned Yirgacheffe & Guji coffees! 

Chances are, many of our friends who started their journey early made the irreversible switch toward specialty coffee after tasting Yirgacheffe and Guji, because these were among Ethiopia’s first coffee-growing zones to gain global renown for unparalleled quality and unprecedented cup profiles.

When roasted for espresso and milk, their harmonious and unforgettably honey-toned, floral-laden, and fruit-forward notes — whether citrusy, stonefruit sweet, berry-rich, or in combination — would transform mouthwateringly even on ice, with milk, or both!

It has been quite the challenge to secure lots that could come close to those first Yirgacheffe and Guji coffees, fondly retained and revisited in our sensory memories, but thanks to our new producing partnership with Ethiopia’s Originland Coffee, here we are with Idido and Mormora, on their own distinctly evoking the character of aromatic elegance and sweetly fruited harmony we can’t forget.

Waxing nostalgic with us, newly curious, or somewhere in between? Have your share from the first shelf to your left when you swing by our roastery in Sharjah, or check them out here now.