Hacienda Copey: Two-Peat 1st Place Cup of Excellence Winner

Pristine Expressions of Tarrazu’s Elite Terroirs 🇨🇷

Exquisite coffees are glimmers of nature captured at her finest moments, expressed in our cups, and experienced with our palates. Carve out pockets of play and open up to the boundless unfolding of your personal discoveries with Costa Rica's elite Tarrazu lots. 

It takes the rare confluence of pristine terroir, passion, and expertise to make this happen. When we find it in a producer, we seize the chance to work together, and that’s how the repeat 1st Place Winner of Costa Rica’s Cup of Excellence Hacienda Copey became our new producing partner. Hacienda Copey embodies the fruitful integration of a Costa Rican agri-enterprise and a Japanese electronics manufacturer, both mutually driven and resolute in their pursuit of the finest flavor profiles. Their Geisha lots have made the top-ranking lots since 2017.

Most known as a maker of amusement equipment, Japan’s Daito Giken company ventured to take advantage of its manufacturing expertise by developing a coffee brewing machine in 2015. But, they soon realized that no matter the device's sophistication, only an inherently great quality green bean would lead to the best brews. Their team toured various plantations across Central America until they came upon Hacienda Copey in Tarrazu, whose fertile soils, favorable temperature ranges, and overall distinctive micro-climate and biodiverse ecosystem convinced them that they had finally found their farm.

Glimpse more of the glimmers in your days with these sparkling Costa Rican coffees that translate the Japanese virtue of kodawari — the pursuit of perfection — to distinctive notes in our cups. Swing by for your share at our roastery in Sharjah or check them out here, now.