A Cult Favorite from Colombia

Finca El Paraiso: Letty Geisha, Luna Geisha, Villa Rosita Pink Bourbon

Bold vision and decisive action drive our progressive discoveries while enriching exploration of worthwhile pathways forward. 

Some of our most exciting discoveries around sensory possibilities and learnings about approaches to flavor creation came by way of our initial encounters with Colombia’s Finca El Paraiso uniquely processed by pioneering, unorthodox producers Diego Samuel Bermudez Tapia and his brother Alex Bermudez. 

Their intention for establishing a cutting-edge post-harvest processing lab with exacting and experimental yet repeatable fermentation protocols, involving an extensive catalogue of yeasts, was to provide a venue for traditional coffee farmers to reduce the precarity of their earnings by augmenting the desirable flavor possibilities of their Cauca-grown coffee varieties and enhancing marketability throughout consuming communities worldwide.

Finca El Paraiso Letty Geisha, Luna Geisha, and Villa Rosita Pink Bourbon are most especially for our friends craving intensified sweetness and explosive fruited character, who also tend to be the same friends curious about coffees with the potential to open up mind-broadening conversations and captivate us with their penchant even for fiery debate. 

Don’t shy away from taking your share here, now, or when you browse our roastery’s retail shelves here in Sharjah soon!