Step by step guide:

  1. Heat water to the recommended temperature.
  2. Arrange your brewing set-up.
    - Rinse the device with hot water to ensure its clean and pre-heated.
    - Discard water when the device is warm enough.
  3. Switch on your scale.
  4. Measure out 17 g of coffee & grind to Coarse setting. Tare.
  5. Place the French Press device onto the scale, & tare.
  6. Transfer the ground coffee to the device, & tare.
  7. Start the timer and pour 55ml of water to the brewer in a circular motion.
  8. Use a spoon and stir 5x, to make sure that all coffees are saturated.
  9. At 00:30, pour the remaining 200ml.
  10. Allow it to brew for 4 minutes.
  11. At 4:00, skim out the coffee crust (top layer) using your spoon and dispose.
  12. Place the plunger/lid until it only hits the surface of the coffee.
  13. At 05:00, transfer all the brew into your cup to prevent further extraction.
  14. Serve & enjoy!

- Don't plunge until the bottom, let the coffee grounds sink and only use the plunger as a strainer.
- Coffees brewed with French Press tend to be muddy, you may use a paper filter when transferring to another carafe/cup to eliminate finer coffee particles.
- If the brew is too sour, set your grind size finer.
- If the brew is too bitter, set your grind size coarser.