A Recap - World of Coffee Athens

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What has the uncanny capacity to construct moments of the most enriching encounters amid a confluence of many things we love?

The answer? Our world of coffee! And most recently, World of Coffee Athens.

Showcasing some of the world’s finest coffees that are produced with purpose, seasonally sourced, and delicately roasted in the UAE, our very own Dave Peralta, Kemal Risyad, David Disuanco, Wilden Pretorius, Abdalla Almulla, and Salem Alsuwaidi.


We welcomed scores of old and new friends to the Archers stand at last month’s World of Coffee Athens.

Among our inspiring, peer global roasters in our side of the Roasters Village — we met, talked, and enjoyed countless cups of exceptional coffees with several of our roastery and Archers Academy frequenters, themselves coffee entrepreneurs and professionals, as well as our inventive and ever-reliable producing partners, and crowds of WOC visitors who sought us out and swung by for coffee and a quick chat.



We served a comprehensively varied array of coffees that express the ethos of our entire collection. That is — to suit the diverse tastes of every specialty coffee lover, meet you right where you’re at in your journey and, as you let us, guide your palate in the direction of what else could be possible.

We were all treated to a spectrum of the flavors the future of coffee has in store when our long-time friend Jamison Savage of Finca Deborah & Savage Coffees, did a bar takeover, and then again when another friend, Luis Marcelino of Aroma Nativo, did a cupping session with us  and Luiz Pereira of Carmo Coffees let us try Brazil-grown Geisha.


It was incredibly fulfilling to see our friends’ reactions to the Archers cups they tasted. More than a few of them got to be the first to taste unreleased lots from Daye Bensa Coffee, Elto Coffee, and Janson Coffee

Many more got to appreciate a number of perennial roastery favorites from Panama Finca Deborah, Savage Coffees, Lamastus Family Estates, Abu Coffee; Ethiopia Alo Coffee, EDN Ethiopia Coffee Exporter; Colombia Finca El Paraiso, Cafe Granja La Esperanza, Delagua Coffee Paradise; Costa Rica Volcan Azul, Cafe Rivense del Chirripo; Guatemala Raul Rodas, Paradigma Coffee; Rwanda Baho Coffee; as well as Burundi and Kenya.

Our friends who savor the utmost convenience alongside top-notch flavor quality took every chance to try Archers Coffee Capsules brewed with the effortlessly sleek Drink Morning machine.

As dedicated members of the UAE specialty coffee community, it was our pride and joy to cheer on our UAE National Champions as they took to the world stage — Ibrahim Almallouhi in the World Brewers Cup, Mark Uy in the World Cup Taster’s Championship, and Mariam Erin Pinza in the World Barista Championship and the World Cezve/Ibrik Championship, where she finished radiantly among the Top 3.


We also felt honored to witness the work of our passionate UAE judges, whose dedication to coffee excellence is instrumental in assuring the integrity and success of coffee competitions, along with the rest of the world championship judges. 

We are grateful to all of our friends who made our participation at World of Coffee Athens unforgettably successful, and especially so to the UAE Ambassador to Greece, His Excellency Sulaiman Hamid Salem al Mazroui, who took the time to visit us and support the entire UAE contingent in this milestone of an event.

Our good work in the world of coffee is never done and that is just how we like it. Stay close, friends, because more of these monumental moments are yet to come! Hoping more of you will join us then!

Written by: Nadine Onate | Photos by: David Disuanco

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