A Recap - The Week of World of Coffee Dubai 2023

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The recent World of Coffee Dubai was a truly pivotal event that highlighted the solidarity and friendship of our global coffee community!


Panama Producer’s Talk & New Coffee Release

Group Photo of our Panama Producers and attendees at our Panama Producers Talk

For us, the festivities started a little earlier. On 10th January, we had our 4th iteration of Producer’s Talk, featuring our friends from Panama, BOP multi-awarded producing partners, Lamastus Family Estates, Janson Coffee, and Abu Coffee — each one spectacular in their own right. It was a pleasure being around our peers, including our producing partners Raul Rodas from Paradigma Coffee, Guatemala and Nicolas Ocampo Maya from Finca Julia, Colombia.

We learned more about Panama as a producing country; the intertwined histories of the SCA Panama (SCAP), Best of Panama (BOP), and the Panama Geisha; and their farm and family stories. Look forward to more on each Producer’s Talk here on our blog soon!

We also released six new Competition Series coffees from Janson Coffee and Abu Coffee, all Panama Geisha, on the same day. And we cupped these new coffees alongside the Lamastus Family Estates Panama Geisha, also in our Competition Series.


Roasters’ Village

From 11th to 13th January, we welcomed familiar and fresh faces at the World of Coffee Dubai Roaster’s Village. Our Co-founder, Green Buyer, and Head of Operations Frederick Bejo curated an interesting rotation from several origin countries among our entire coffee collection of thirteen origins

Everyone was curious and happy to try the expansive selection of coffees we showcased on filter and as espresso. Do you remember which one you had? Or if you feel you missed out, no worries — check out our full coffee collection here.

While our colleagues manned the bar for the most part, we had Roastery regulars take over at some points. Luiz Paulo Pereira of Carmo Coffees and Emmanuel Rusatira of Baho Coffee were among a number of our producing partners who circled back to us more than a few times for more coffee and conversation.

It was such a rush having so many visitors come to our stand, from our fellow roasters to coffee champions, and everyone in between. Many of those who stopped by shopped the retail coffees we brought with us, all of which and more are easily accessible to everyone here.


2023 UAE National Barista Championship 

On the 11th and the 12th, we cheered on our very own Co-Founder and Head Roaster, Kemal Risyad, as he shared his vision of the best espresso, milk-based coffee, and signature beverage with the esteemed judges of the UAE National Barista Championship! On the 13th, we celebrated Kemal taking home the silver trophy. 

His impeccable performance would not have been possible without the amazing coffee from Finca Deborah, Adenium, designed by Jamison Savage also of Savage Coffees and Iris Estate — which was the star of Kemal’s winning espresso and signature beverage; as well as the wonderful coffee from Bayter brothers, Elias and Shady, of El Vergel Estate and Forest Coffee, which was the core of Kemal’s milk-based beverage.

Producing Partners’ Lunch


The traditional yet laidback lunch we hosted for our producing partners on 14th January was held at the Al Zubair Farm in Sharjah. It was a sunshine-filled afternoon of more coffee stories and laughter under the clear desert winter skies. Different cultures sitting side by side and sharing the heartiest of meals was another unforgettable moment created by our common passion for coffee and the friendship it fosters.

Following lunch, traditional teas were served al fresco and everyone went on a tour of the premises. It was a delight to see that the farm is home to a host of exotic fauna and the site of what was clearly one of the compelling visual and spatial inspirations for Hoof.

Hoof is the homegrown Specialty Café concept originating from Sharjah, which translates the local community’s deep-rooted affinity for equestrian culture into a distinct hospitality experience that can be enjoyed in their six cafes serving Archers coffees throughout the UAE.


WCC Judge Certification

That monumental week wound down with the WCC Judge Certification on 14th to 15th January, arranged by our very own Co-Founder and Head of Archers Academy, Dave Peralta. His hard work and dedication to give back to our community by uplifting the quality of specialty coffee education in the UAE while bringing our capabilities into the global community’s view earned us the honor of being the first in the UAE to host this crucial and prestigious program. 

The first day of the WCC Judge Certification coincided with the lunch meet-up with our producing partners. What we had that day was unprecedented — so many movers and shakers in our local and global specialty coffee community, from across the coffee value chain, all at once on our shop floor!

At the Archers Academy, distinguished representatives from the WCE and SCA facilitated the WCC Judge Certification, with the support of 2023 UAE National Brewers Cup and UAE National Barista Championship finalists.

They volunteered to perform their competition routines for the conscientious, aspiring WCC judges, whose passion for coffee excellence led them to pursue certification, which is instrumental in ensuring the integrity and success of each championship. We wish our aspiring WCC judges the best of luck as they await the results of their assessment!


Thanks and See You Soon! 

Thank you to all of you, our dear coffee friends wherever you may be, for making the week of World of Coffee Dubai ultra-memorable! You make everything we do more worthwhile and meaningful!

Written by: Nadine Onate | Photos by: Pauline Disuanco

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