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SCA Barista Intermediate

SCA Barista Intermediate

This is an intensive two-day course that allows you to have a deeper understanding about extraction, professional tasting, espresso profiling, tasting, milk steaming, as well as doing latte art. 

This course is suitable for those familiar with barista work, wanting to improve on their skills. This course is best taken after the Barista Foundation Course.

Course Outline:
- Coffee beans origin, variety, processing and roast
- Understanding your grinders
- Understanding what makes a good extraction
- Effective dosing distribution and tamping
- Learn about profiling your espresso
- Learn about proper milk texturing and producing excellent "microfoam"
- Essential latte art knowledge and skills
- Prepare full range of espresso based menu at operational speed
- Proper hygiene, health and safety
- Customer service for baristas
- Basic machine maintenance
- Workspace management

Students will Take Home
- SCA Certificate & Archers Certificate
- An Archers bag of coffee    
- Detailed hand-outs of all course content
- A new life skill