Producing Partners - Archers Tees

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Version 2024 Version
Color Beige
Size Extra Small (XS)

We debuted these shirts at the Philippine Coffee Expo this past June 2023 —a jam-packed short trip! Our 2021 UAE BrC Champ 2021 and 2022 WBrC 7th, David Disuanco, shared insights on the future of coffee shops at a plenary. Our co-founder and Green Coffee Buyer, Frederick Bejo, discussed farm practices to propel Philippine coffee quality to the next level among experts at the Roasters & Producers Forum. And, our co-founder and Head of Education, Dave Peralta, led Manila and Cebu sessions of our epic private cupping event, Uncovering the Flavors of Ethiopia!

Get your Archers Producers Collectible Tee! Wear it as a keepsake extending those good times and as a reminder of our many more adventures yet to come!