Origami Pinot Flavor Cup 200mL

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Color Black & White

If you are one of those who would appreciate a more holistic enjoyment of coffee akin to a wine drinking experience, the ORIGAMI Pinot Flavor Cup is for you. The Pinot Flavor Cup features a round shape with a slightly collected lipped rim that is designed to capture and maximize the enjoyment of coffee aroma and to provide a heightened sensory experience.

The rim of the Pinot Flavor Cup is intentionally designed to have a lip to maximize comfort of the drinker. It is also slightly thinner than its body to provide a soothing contact. This thoughtful design, together with its specific size, fits the palm of the hand nicely to provide a soothing sipping experience.

Features of ORIGAMI Pinot Flavor Cup:

  • made in Japan
  • porcelain material
  • 200ml in volume | 73x73
  • heat resistance up to 120'C
  • special design of the rim to enhance overall sensory experience
  • available in 2 different colours (green&white or red)
  • microwave, dishwasher, and dish-dryer safe
  • do not cool and heat rapidly as rapid temperature changes may cause breakage
  • dry thoroughly after use