Honduras - Finca Las Cascaritas Lot 90
Honduras - Finca Las Cascaritas Lot 90
Honduras - Finca Las Cascaritas Lot 90
Honduras - Finca Las Cascaritas Lot 90
Honduras - Finca Las Cascaritas Lot 90
Honduras - Finca Las Cascaritas Lot 90
Honduras - Finca Las Cascaritas Lot 90
Honduras - Finca Las Cascaritas Lot 90
Honduras - Finca Las Cascaritas Lot 90
Honduras - Finca Las Cascaritas Lot 90

Honduras - Finca Las Cascaritas Lot 90

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cherry, plums, chocolate, caramel

Weight 250 grams
Roast Profile Filter
Grind Size Whole Beans

Producer: Moises Hidardo Hernandez
Farm: Finca Las Cascaritas

Location: Santa Rosa de Copán
Variety: Parainema 
Process: Natural Anaerobic 

Altitude: 1,300 masl

Fermentation ▪▫▫
Sweetness ▪▫
Acidity ▪▫▫
Roast ▪▫▫

Moises Hidardo Hernandez is a fourth-generation coffee farmer and the founder of Cafés Especiales Mercedes Ocotepeque (CAFESMO). Finca Las Cascaritas is the farm he inherited from his father and currently operates with his mother, herself a third-generation coffee farmer. Together they grow several coffee varieties such as Parainema, Bourbon, and Obata.
The farm sits on hilly and tree-covered terrain covering 3.5 hectares at altitudes1230 MASL to 1300 MASL. The diversity of plant life includes pine trees native to the region, as well as banana, American walnut and hazel pine.
In addition to natural, honey, and washed specialty coffees, Hidardo started to work on experimental microlots in 2015 to explore the possibilities of developing unusual cup profiles. Using non-traditional processes on lesser-known varietals has led him to produce coffees with pronounced fruity and winey notes that would appeal to consumers with more adventurous preferences.

The Exporter
CAFESMO is a collective of 250+ smallholder farmers based in the Honduran coffee-growing region close to Guatemala and El Salvador.
Their coffee farms are bordered by the country’s highest peaks, Cerro Pital in the west, and the Guisayote National Reserve and the Pacayita volcano on the other side. The mountainous topography creates micro-climates beneficial to different coffees, such as Parainema, Pacas, Lempira, Catuaí, Obatá, Colombia, and IHCAFE90.
Their members’ harvests are processed in their own centralized facility, which has a wet mill, drying patios, a dry mill, and a cupping lab.

The Parainema variety is a hybrid bred for its resistance to coffee rust disease and nematodes. Previously more recognized for its resilience and yield productivity, it has been gaining more attention for good cup quality. Its commendable flavor potential was confirmed when it won in the 2017 Honduran Cup of Excellence.
In the natural anaerobic process, the ripe cherries were fermented in sealed containers, eliminating oxygen and allowing carbon dioxide to accumulate. This slowed down the decomposition of sugars in the coffee and resulted in a nuanced flavor profile with enhanced sweetness, a richer body, and a suitable level of acidity.

brewing guide

- Ready your brewing tools ahead.
- Keep your coffee gear and containers clean.
- Decide and adjust your grind size based on:
— Your coffee’s roast date
— Your brewing method
- Be consistent with water quality and measuring weight, ratios, and time.
- Remember!
— Let your palate help you personalize the best recipe for you.
— Brew often and have fun!

More about Brewing here.


  • COFFEE GRIND SIZE: Medium fine
  • (like table salt; 21-28 clicks in Comandante MK4 and 14-18 clicks in Timemore C2)
  • COFFEE AGE: 7-14 days, ideally
  • COFFEE DOSE: 17 grams
  • WATER WEIGHT: 255 mL
  • TARGET BREW TIME: 02:30 - 03:00

1. Heat water to 90°C-93°C

2. Arrange your brewing set-up.

— Place your dripper on the carafe & filter paper in the dripper.

— Rinse the filter paper with hot water & remove the rinsing water from the carafe.

3. Switch on your scale.

4. Measure out 17 g of coffee & grind to Medium Fine.

5. Place the carafe and dripper with the rinsed filter paper onto the scale, & tare.

6. Transfer the ground coffee to the dripper; then, tare.

7. Start the timer!

First pour to bloom, 55ml for 30 seconds.

Second pour, 100 ml at 00:30.

Third pour, the final 100ml at 01:15

8. Target to finish the brew within 02:30 to 03:00 minutes.

9. Serve & enjoy!