Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus Tea

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A beautiful fusion of selected hibiscus, rose hip, strawberry, apple, and cantaloupe that creates a fine cup of tea.

brewing guide

  • STEEP TIME: 2~3 Hours

Hibiscus Loose Tea : Hot Water

1:12 ratio

(For example, 200 hibiscus tea was used. We need 2,400mL of water.)

1. Let it brew for 2-3 hours.

2. Strain the tea and dispose.

3. Weigh the strained hibiscus drink that was produced.

4. Per 170mL, use 20mL of Sugar Syrup. If preferred, you can also use 15mL of other flavoured syrups. Increase or decrease as per taste liking.

(For example, after straining, there was 2,200mL of hibiscus liquid, divide it by 170. There's 11 servings. So mix 20mL times 11 for sugar syrup and 15mL times 11 for the flavoured syrup.)

5. Mix evenly. And taste. Add more sugar or flavoring syrups as per liking.