Archers Coffee Skill Lab - Steam for Style!

A Beginner’s Guide to Steaming Milk & Latte Art

Guided by an experienced, friendly face at Archers, pick up our tried-&-tested milk steaming technique & polish your latte artistry.

Purely practical, conversational, & hands-on half-day learning sessions to make coffee more enjoyable at home.


  1. How to Steam Milk
  2. Latte Art Fundamentals
  3. Latte Art Practice

Patricia Perello is a passionate digital marketer and barista at Archers with CQI Q Processing and SCA credentials. Four years in specialty coffee, she has been relentless about honing her coffee-making skills on bar at Archers and international events alongside her instinctual understanding of the consumer and the community by sincerely engaging with every customer and proactively participating in the local scene's activities.

Ahmed Elsayed belongs to the Customer Relations team at Archers & plays a role in Quality Control. He holds certifications from the Specialty Coffee Association & Barista Hustle. Four years in the coffee industry, Ahmed began his career as a barista, moved up to cafe management roles in UAE cafes as Head of Coffee, & has been building his credentials as a consultant all the while showcasing his passion for the craft.

أحمد السيد ينتمي إلى فريق علاقات العملاء في آرتشرز ويلعب دورًا في مراقبة الجودة، وهو حاصل على شهادات من جمعية القهوة المختصة وباريستا هاسل. بعد أربع سنوات من العمل في صناعة القهوة، بدأ أحمد حياته المهنية كباريستا وانتقل إلى مناصب إدارة المقاهي في الإمارات العربية المتحدة كرئيس لقسم القهوة، وبنى أوراق اعتماده كمستشار طوال الوقت لإظهار شغفه بهذه الحرفه.

Ian Naria is a career barista in the Customer Relations team at Archers, involved in QC, & co-teaches the Partners Workshop. Having built expertise in coffee as well as client engagement over 12 years of progressing across the F&B industry, he brings extensive real-world & well-rounded perspective to his interactions with customers & the community. Ian holds SCA certifications in brewing & sensory, & in coffee tasting from CQI.

Meet Your Mentors!

Experienced coffee friends excited to guide you

  1. Ahmed Elsayed (Arabic/Gents/Mixed)
  2. Patricia Perello (English/Ladies/Mixed)
  3. Ian Naria (English/Gents/Mixed)

Tell us your language/group preference when you book & we’ll arrange it.

Available Time Slots:
(Saturdays to Thursdays)

  1. 10:00 AM - 01:00 PM
  2. 02:00 PM - 05:00 PM

Same-day or next-day bookings are not available,
but we'd love to welcome you when you book at least 2 days BEFORE your preferred schedule.

500.00 AED

Sessions require at least 1 student & can accommodate a maximum of 4.

Book for 2 slots or more to get 10% discount!

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This event will take place in our Warehouse Office, in Sharjah.
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