For palates with a penchant for the regal, savor five new intricate, elegant, & eloquent Lamastus Family Estates Panama Geisha in our Competition Series.

The name Lamastus and the concept of luxury coffee have been intertwined since 2019 when an Elida Anaerobic Slow Dried Geisha achieved a record-breaking bid at the Best of Panama auction. 

Cultivated with reverence to the immaculate natural environment of the Baru Volcano National Park, and then harvested and processed with impeccable attention to detail, Panama Geisha produced under the joint leadership of father and son Wilford Lamastus Sr. and Wilford Lamastus Jr., the Lamastus Family Estates are consistently multi-awarded at the yearly Best of Panama.

At this year's BOP, an Elida Washed Geisha placed 2nd, and the Elida Natural Geisha also counted among the top-scoring lots.

Remarkably too, Elida Washed Geisha’s pop culture appearance on the US TV series Billions more than affirmed the Lamastus brand as an international luxury icon. This cameo acquainted global mainstream media with the Lamastus brand, drawing more attention to the Panama Geisha variety and Panama as a high-end specialty coffee-producing country. 

Lavish yourself and your loved ones with the superb sensory experience of the Lamastus Family Estates Panama Geisha when you come to our roastery in Sharjah and curate your own collection of luxury coffees from our Competition Series shelves. Or, select from our webshop today.

Elida Estate Washed and Honey processes


We have been chasing top quality since we started. Because of that, we have pursued and are continuing to nurture relationships with our meticulously selected producing partners, including our good friends from Panama, who are at the forefront of upholding and raising the quality and value of Panamanian specialty coffee through continuous innovation.

When Wilford Sr. and Wilford Jr. visited us at the start of this year 2023, they spoke to us about their family's coffee legacy and the necessary elements that allow them to keep it going strong — the peerless Panamanian terroir and a company culture of persistent innovation and strict discipline.

Beaming, Wilford Jr. added that one of his father's most impactful achievements, which pre-date everything they are better known for today, has benefited the industry at large. That is Wilford Sr.'s initiative and involvement in establishing SCAP in the 1990s to salvage the Panamanian coffee industry, which had then been in crisis resulting in a majority of their peers turning away from coffee and prioritizing other crops. 

The establishment of SCAP gave way to the organization of the BOP, which eventually led to the rediscovery of the Panama Geisha. Wilford Jr. recounted that his father, together with a small circle of coffee farmer friends, just knew they were doing something good by preserving their coffee traditions, but not how deeply and highly valued it was going to be.