Celestial Coffees from Immaculate Terroir 🇨🇴

Savor the Festivities with Finca Inmaculada

Brew, sip, & be merry with two new long-awaited, elusive lots of elegant Natural Geisha from the famed Finca Inmaculada in our Competition Series, alongside a rarefied microlot from their Fellows' Farms. 

Inmaculada Coffee Farms in Valle del Cauca, Colombia are world-famous for focusing only on the rarest coffee varieties, some of which have won the World Barista Championships. 

It was a lucky thing that we had Inmaculada's Jorge Castro swing by this past summer to talk about their coffees and practices. It was then we came to understand that, for them, the ultimate reward of producing rare coffees is twofold.  

First, because the aim is the highest quality and not the highest volumes, they are able to produce exquisite coffees without exhausting the natural bounties of the terroir.  

Second, the caliber of quality they produce has translated to some unprecedented and irreplicable flavor profiles coffee champions and the most discerning of coffee connoisseurs have come to love.

Luckier still, we get to kickstart our partnership with Inmaculada Coffee Farms with these three painstakingly produced, incomparably tasty coffees to share with you. Just in time for the height of this merry season, too.

Savor the festivities with these new Inmaculada coffees in your cups. Shop for your stash here or come through our roastery doors soon!