Finca El Cerro Pacamara 🇸🇻

Relish the Resurgence of El Salvador’s Coffee Production Prominence

Passion for coffee, love of family, & a strong sense of civic duty coalesce in El Salvador's return to Archers, via Finca El Cerro.

Finca El Cerro has been led by 5th-generation coffee producer, Fernando Leto Escobar since 2016, in a bid to preserve and perpetuate his family’s coffee-farming legacy and, in so doing, personally contribute to propping up the perennially challenged national coffee industry.

He persists in cultivating exotic and native varieties while experimenting with post-harvest processing to produce impressive micro-lots that coffee lovers everywhere simply cannot resist, like this Natural Anaerobic Pacamara.

Fernando perseveres, amid structural and environmental constraints, to honor decades of his family’s diligent work— foremost his father’s, the elder Don Fernando — as they help prompt a resurgence of El Salvador’s historical prominence as a recognized fine coffee exporter.

What makes this release extra special is how it coincides with ramped-up efforts bringing greater attention to the country, like the COE’s open call for coffee enthusiasts to join their Immersion Program in El Salvador in February.

There’s certainly enough love going around our world of coffee, and we can only generate more by showing some to El Salvador as we enjoy this Pacamara that Finca El Cerro has purposefully, and passionately, produced for us.

Get your stash here or when you stop by our roastery in Sharjah soon!