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Archers Sensory Calibration Workshop
Archers Sensory Calibration Workshop
Archers Sensory Calibration Workshop

Archers Sensory Calibration Workshop

Head Instructor: DAVE PERALTA

Where: Archers Coffee
            10am – 5pm


This course is for anyone who wants to improve their sense of taste and smell.

Sign up for this course if you work in the coffee industry or you want to discover how we taste and smell, and how we determine and talk about coffee flavor and quality. Here you will learn to distinguish between bitter and acidic, recognize sweetness, body and umami, and be able to detect fruity and floral notes.

After taking these courses, you will feel more confident when tasting and will be able to trust your own sense of smell and taste whenever you drink coffee.

 Students will Take Home

- An Archers bag of coffee
- Detailed hand-outs of all course content 
- Archers Certificate
- Improved Sensory Skill
- A new life skill





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