Rwanda Origin Trip

For the love of adventure & the thrill of shared discovery, let's take our coffee friendship to the land of a thousand hills.

Go off the beaten track with us on an origin trip to Rwanda — one of Conde Nast Traveller M.E. shortlisted 2024 Best Places to Go in Africa!   

With the support of our long-time producing partner, Emmanuel Rusatira of Baho Coffee, we’ll immerse in the local culture, experience the specialty coffee scene, and get familiar with key specialty coffee processing touchpoints  — all while deepening our bonds with each other and connecting with the local community as we explore (and enjoy!) the country’s distinctive coffees. 

Save the dates May 20 – 23, 2024 and book your trip* now!

*Archers Origin Trip Fee does not include airline ticket & visa fees.

Trip Objectives:
• Explore & appreciate Rwanda as a producing country
• Build camaraderie / connect with the community
• Immerse in key specialty coffee processing touchpoints

Specialty Coffee Processing Touchpoints:
• Cherry-picking at the Farm
• Washing Station & Dry Mill Visits
• Cupping at NAEB

Social/Fellowship Activities
• Breakfast at Baho Coffee Founder's Home
• Travel Group Lunches & Dinners
• Cafe Hopping & Roadtrip Pitstops

  1. What does the AED 3,500 Origin Trip Fee include?
    Your AED 3,500 will cover accommodations, land transportation, and most meals while we are in Rwanda.

  2. Will I need to make my own arrangements for the visa & flights?
    Yes, for both.

    - About the visa.  Please check for the requirements based on the passport you will travel with.
    - About flights. You will need to book your own to make sure your flights will suit your personal air travel preferences and accommodate the level of flexibility you are comfortable with.

  3. Since I will arrange my own flight to Rwanda, when and where do I meet the Archers team?
    We’ll meet on May 20, 2024 (Monday) at 6.00 am at the Kigali International Airport. If your flight is arriving after 6.00 am, please let us know ahead so we can help arrange your airport transfer.

  4. How much out-of-pocket expenses should I expect?
    For the time we are in Rwanda, your out-of-pocket expenses will really depend on your personal needs and habits, but it should suffice to have around AED 500 / USD 150 cash on hand.

  5. Where can I find the full itinerary?
    Drop us a quick note at or WhatsApp +97165316869 and we’ll send it to you.

  6. Since I will arrange my own flight out of Rwanda, where and when will our itinerary end?
    - Our itinerary will end on the evening of May 23 in Kigali. No issues if you need to leave earlier.
    - The Archers Team will fly out from Kigali International Airport at midnight of May 24, 2024. To max out our time together, you might want to catch a similar-timed flight to wherever you’re headed next.
    - If you opt to stay another night or leave much later, remember to directly arrange your additional hotel nights, as we cover accommodations only until check-out on the 23rd.

  7. Who can help me book my spot?
    Our Front of the House will be happy to help! Reach them through WhatsApp +97165316869 or email

Day 1 – Arrival, Settling In, & Getting to Know Kigali

– Arrival & meet-up at Kigali International Airport. Breakfast at Baho Coffee founder’s home. Memorial museum visit. Capital city café crawl. 

Days 2 & 3 – To the Highlands: Hands-on Coffee Harvest & Processing

– Farm tour with cherry picking. Washing station visits with hands-on processing. Scenic local lunches. Road trip refreshment pitstops.

Day 4 – Final Touchpoints on Coffee Quality & Leaving Kigali

– Dry mill visit & familiarization tour. Cupping at Rwanda’s National Agricultural Export Board. Lunch and dinner socials. Airport departure.