Rwanda - Bugoyi Lot N6

Rwanda - Bugoyi Lot N6

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Producer: Baho Coffee / Emmanuel Rusatira
Location: Rutsiro District, Western Province
Variety: Red Bourbon
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1500 – 1900 MASL
Crop Year: 2021

Bugoyi Coffee Washing Station:
The coffee coming from Bugoyi are consistently amazing. Located on the shore of Lake Kivu, it is blessed with gentle winds to cool the beans and soft sunlight to dry the coffee evenly.
This gem of a washing station is situated in the Western Province of Rwanda, in the Rutsiro District. Nestled in the mountains, with the shores of Lake Kivu a few hundred meters away, this beautiful washing station enjoys the beautiful lake breeze which ensures a much longer average drying time for coffee.

This station is blessed with gentle winds to cool the beans and soft sunlight to dry the coffee evenly. This ensures longer fermentation, so more pronounced flavors and acidity. You can expect a myriad of flavors coming from this stunning washing station, with raspberries, plums, black currant, and soft citrus being some of them. The washing station is located about 1600 masl, the surrounding farms however are between 1500 – 1900 masl.
This washing station is very charming, and the community around it is very friendly, characteristically Rwandese.

The Bugoyi washing station specializes in producing excellent Naturals, and very clean washed coffee. The station also produces a lot of very special fermented coffee.

About Baho Coffee
“Baho’s vision on community is guided by having a synergetic relationship with the community of farmers that we work with, where we guide them and create solutions in a replicable, sustainable and scalable manner leading to economic growth and poverty reduction. Our overall vision is implied by the meaning of our name, Baho, which in our local language means live/life. It is like a tree that grows up and has branches, flowers and fruits and still keeps its roots in the ground. Baho is born, grows up and sells coffee both locally and internationally and never forgets the origin.”
- Emmanuel Rusatira

After nearly 20 years of experience establishing and managing washing stations throughout Rwanda for a large export company, Emmanuel Rusatira and his family decided to branch out and start their own operations. Establishing Baho Coffee allowed Emmanuel to freely focus his energy towards implementing his own philosophies and pushing high quality protocols with 9 different washing stations. Coffee production in Rwanda works very similarly to most other countries in Africa - thousands of smallholder farmers deliver cherries to centralized processing stations. Because the average farm size is less than a hectare, volumes per farmer are extremely low. Thus, selling to washing stations makes much more financial sense than building costly personal mills. Coffee industry is continually inspired by Emmanuel's (Baho coffee) genuine curiosity and passion for quality and experimentation. At a handful of stations, we are not only producing extremely clean natural processed coffees, but also pushing the experimental boundaries of the fermentation process (all very rare for Rwanda!). Furthermore, Baho is impressively proactive with education and outreach.

We work closely with producers year round - distributing seedlings, educating on proper growing and picking techniques, giving loans for infrastructure or quality of life investments, and generally being a positive force in the community and friend to all. Outreach to producers is mostly by way of Farmer Field Schools (FFS). The FFS system involves grouping together farmers that live close to each other and having them elect a representative for their group. This leader (Emmanuel) then attends regular training sessions at the station and returns to teach the group. Through the FFS, producers learn about selective picking, soil conservation, water protection, waste management, and more.

Weight 250 grams
Roast Profile Espresso
Grind Size Whole Beans