Panama - Geisha Nano Lot 36 RSV - CCD
Panama - Geisha Nano Lot 36 RSV - CCD
Panama - Geisha Nano Lot 36 RSV - CCD
Panama - Geisha Nano Lot 36 RSV - CCD
Panama - Geisha Nano Lot 36 RSV - CCD
Panama - Geisha Nano Lot 36 RSV - CCD
Panama - Geisha Nano Lot 36 RSV - CCD
Panama - Geisha Nano Lot 36 RSV - CCD
Panama - Geisha Nano Lot 36 RSV - CCD
Panama - Geisha Nano Lot 36 RSV - CCD

Panama - Geisha Nano Lot 36 RSV - CCD

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mango, pineapple, sugar cane, orange candy

Weight 200 grams
Roast Profile Filter Roast

Producer: Carlos Cabrera / Creativa Coffee District
Location: Alto Jaramillo, Boquete
Variety: Geisha
Process: Natural Anaerobic 96 Hours
Altitude: 1500 MASL
Crop Year: 2022

Creativa Coffee District believes that the craftsmanship involved in art-making is similar to the mastery required to make the perfect cup of coffee. Fuelled by this, they transformed a traditional mill and drying yard into a modern facility fitted out for innovative processing methods. In this space, they explore ways of controlling fermentation and drying coffees incrementally to encourage unique coffee profiles to stand out. Natural Anaerobic 96 Hours is one of their proprietary techniques with intricate parameters for extended fermentation and drying.

Following La Palma & El Tucan’s relationship coffee model, they have established connections with farmers and producers in Boquete, Hornet, and Renacimiento, where coffee is grown at altitudes from 1300 to 1800 MASL.

The Exporter
Equation Coffee represents a small group of like-minded Panama and Colombia producers that enact eco-socially conscious choices in their coffee cultivation, processing, and marketing.

They are La Palma & El Tucan, Delagua Coffee Paradise, and Creativa Coffee District. Their business model, called Neighbors & Crops, is geared towards invariably innovating and delivering premium specialty coffee while making a lasting, beneficial impact on the community and the environment.

Our long-term relationship with Equation Coffee has allowed us to make internationally sought-after coffees available here in our corner of the world.

Carlos Cabrera cultivates Geisha and Caturra varieties on his farm. There are 3,000 coffee trees in the two-hectare property, which he maintains with the help of his sister. At harvest season, he hires around ten workers to assist him in collecting cherries by hand, ensuring only ripe cherries of high quality proceed to processing.

To complement Geisha’s sweetness and delicate fruit notes with a luscious mouthfeel, this nano-lot went into a 96 Hour Natural Anaerobic process. The hand-sorted ripe coffee cherries were fermented in sealed tanks for an extended duration, stimulating specific microbial reactions that would contribute a hint of creaminess in the cup.

brewing guide

- Ready your brewing tools ahead.
- Keep your coffee gear and containers clean.
- Decide and adjust your grind size based on:
— Your coffee’s roast date
— Your brewing method
- Be consistent with water quality and measuring weight, ratios, and time.
- Remember!
— Let your palate help you personalize the best recipe for you.
— Brew often and have fun!

More about Brewing here.


  • COFFEE GRIND SIZE: Medium fine
  • (like table salt; 21-28 clicks in Comandante MK4 and 14-18 clicks in Timemore C2)
  • COFFEE AGE: 7-14 days, ideally
  • COFFEE DOSE: 17 grams
  • WATER WEIGHT: 255 mL
  • TARGET BREW TIME: 02:30 - 03:00

1. Heat water to 90°C-93°C

2. Arrange your brewing set-up.

— Place your dripper on the carafe & filter paper in the dripper.

— Rinse the filter paper with hot water & remove the rinsing water from the carafe.

3. Switch on your scale.

4. Measure out 17 g of coffee & grind to Medium Fine.

5. Place the carafe and dripper with the rinsed filter paper onto the scale, & tare.

6. Transfer the ground coffee to the dripper; then, tare.

7. Start the timer!

First pour to bloom, 55ml for 30 seconds.

Second pour, 100 ml at 00:30.

Third pour, the final 100ml at 01:15

8. Target to finish the brew within 02:30 to 03:00 minutes.

9. Serve & enjoy!