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strawberry, nectarine, cola, chocolate brownie

Panama Geisha
Don Eduardo Estate

Producer: Harold Sabin II
Process: Natural Carbonic Maceration
Location: Chiriqui, Boquete Valley
Elevation: 1800 MASL
Variety: Geisha
Crop Year: 2022

Tasting Notes:
Strawberry, Nectarine, Cola, Chocolate Brownie


Don Eduardo Estate is a farm owned and operated by 4th generation Boquetenian, Harold Sabin. Born and raised in an agricultural family, Harold learned respect for diligent work and product excellence at a young age. Throughout Harold's formative years Harold's father Harold Sabin Kuckler Sr. and his Grandfather Juan Eduardo Castillo taught Harold respect for the land, care for production, and the people working on his land.

Don Eduardo Estate was started by Harold in 2016 with 12,000+ Geisha trees provided by Savage Coffees. This was in an area of the farm with an elevation that is more than 1800 MASL. It is shrouded by the dense canopy of Boquete's rainforest and is a beautiful example of high-elevation coffee grown using best practices and care.

They have more than 5 hectares (12,000+ trees) of Geisha contiguous to the additional 5 hectares of high quality Catuai. Don Eduardo Estate is a member of the Savage Coffees Partnership Farm Program and has exclusivity on all Don Eduardo Estate Catuai and Geisha coffees. Both of these celebrated varieties are cherry processed utilizing the latest techniques and equipment to showcase the special variety and terroir inherent in these spectacular coffees.


Producer: Harold Sabin II
Region: Chiriqui, Boquete Valley
Elevation: 1800+MASL
Soils:Virgin Volcanic, Highly Organic Single
Varieties: Catuai ,Geisha
Total Hectares: 10Year
Farm Started: 2017
Processed through Savage Coffees: Natural Carbonic Maceration

Size 200g
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