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Honduras, Finca La Hermosa

Honduras, Finca La Hermosa



town: Santa Rosa de Copán
Variety: Parainema
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1300 MASL
Crop Year: 2021
Cup Profile:  Red Apple, White Grape, Honey



My parents taught me and we still work our land together, with my brothers and sisters as well. We are very united as a family and always stick together, in good times as well as bad. All of us live near one another and we help out with each other’s children, we share the weight of any problems between everyone’s shoulders.

I own 1,5 hectares of land where I grow coffee, and all of us together have around 12 hectares, between parents and siblings. However, it doesn’t much matter to who which parcel belongs, as we share the load workload.

While we are going through a lot of hardship currently, we are also hopeful and we believe in a better tomorrow. I haven’t been a member of Cafesmo for such a long time, but although I have been growing coffee for 30 years, I am still learning a lot of new things since I joined. About better growing techniques, but also about treating water and always keeping our farms and the surrounding land clean. 

Through Cafesmo, we have obtained our Fair Trade and Organic certification, but our real dream is to present micro-lots from our own land. Coffee that will allow us to obtain an even fairer price in the future, so that our children can stay in school and finish their secondary education. But most of all a coffee that we can be proud of, because of the joy that it will bring!

Farm facts

My parents, siblings and I have a combined 12 hectares of land, all close to one another.  We cultivate three varieties: Parainema, 90, and Lempira. We’ve selected those because of their yield, their resistance to rust, and especially because of their rich and intriguing taste.
All our lots are located around 1.350 meters.
Shadow is provided mostly by cuanagiquil and banana trees.

Our farm is Certified Fair Trade, and Organic.
This farm is Rain Forest Alliance certified.