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Barista Hustle Percolation
Barista Hustle Percolation
Barista Hustle Percolation

Barista Hustle Percolation

Filter Brew Course 

Head Instructor: DAVE PERALTA

10am – 5pm

Course Outline

- Mechanics of Percolation
- Physical effects of glass, ceramic, or plastic filter cones & paper filter
- Best practice for weighing beverages, tracking temperature profiles, and interaction between time and grind settings
- Complex Variables of turbulence, bed depth and flow and how these can help counteract channeling  
- Batch brew programming and brew cycle
- Filter paper materials and manufacturing
- How to manage against limescale and corrosion of our equipment’s
- Best practice for holding coffee in commercial environment

Students will Take Home
- An Archers bag of coffee
- Detailed hand-outs of all course content
- Archers & BH certificate
- Access to BH online course material
- A new life skill