Ethiopia - Hamasho Village - Archers Lot

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grape juice, lychee, mango, orange candy

Producer: Daye Bensa x Archers
Process: Natural Anaerobic 192 Hours
Location: Sidama Bensa, Hamasho Village
Elevation: 2230 MASL
Variety: 74158
Crop Year: 2022

Tasting Notes: grape juice, lychee, mango, orange candy

The Producer 

Daye Bensa Coffee is the 2022 2nd Place Winner of the Ethiopia Cup of Excellence.

The company was founded over 20 years ago by Asefa Dukamo with the vision to uplift the lives of coffee farming families in his hometown Daye in the Bensa district of Ethiopia’s Sidama region. Growing up, he appreciated the beauty and rewards of the trade but also noticed the hardships faced by the farmers daily and in the long term.

While the natural environment at altitudes exceeding 2000 masl was conducive to growing high-quality coffee, enabling infrastructure to process and market it did not exist. Together with his brother Mulugeta Dukamo, he would find a way to overcome this obstacle by setting up wet and dry mills at strategic locations and, not long after, their own exporting company. 

Daye Bensa Coffee is active in educating the farming community about quality, mindful that this is crucial for the trade to thrive and provide stable livelihood for generations to come.

The Coffee & Process

Hamasho Village Anaerobic 192 Hours is a 74158 variety fermented over eight days in a shaded environment with average daylong temperatures of 14°-19°C. The result is a cup with intense sweetness and complex tropical fruit flavors. Tasting notes are grape juice, lychee, mango, and orange candy.

About Hamasho Village

Hundreds of smallholder farmers in the Bombe Mountains of Sidama Bensa comprise Hamasho Village, where the craft of coffee cultivation is built on generations of endurance and experience. Since they traditionally drink their own coffee, they have an instinct for what high quality tastes like. With the efforts of Daye Bensa Coffee to enhance this knowledge, Hamasho Village farmers are able to maintain and even raise their crops’ quality and commercial viability. 

The name Hamasho is Sidamic for snake, a cultural symbol for strength that also holds spiritual significance. 

Archers x Daye Bensa Coffee

The Archers and Daye Bensa Coffee partnership started in 2020 with an offering of Peaberry Shantawene Natural and Hamasho Village Natural. Well-received by our community, we worked closely with Daye Bensa to add more of their coffees to our collection. To date, we have introduced Hamasho Village Anaerobic, as well as Gatta, Bombe, Bensa, Damo, and Hamasho Village Washed.

Marking our third year of prosperous partnership, we have collaborated on this exclusive Archers Lot. It showcases our combined knowledge and our shared commitment to innovation and quality.

Attuned to the evolving taste of our customers and having grown very familiar with Daye Bensa’s techniques and the varieties 74158, 74112, 74110, we felt it was the right time to curate the processing approach. Mainly, this meant incorporating our own parameters for fermentation and drying into Daye Bensa’s process. Our aim was to intensify the cup attributes we already know the market loves. 

In doing so, we achieve a few things at once. First, we help Daye Bensa and their out growers improve the quality and value of their coffee with our feedback. Second, we heighten the consumer’s enjoyment of their favorite coffees. Third, we demonstrate great synergy between the producer, green buyer, and roaster, and how it benefits all involved, especially the farmers and our consumers.

Size 200 grams
Roast Profile