Costa Rica - Geisha Lot 043

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mandarin orange, apricot, sugar cane, passion fruit

Costa Rica, Geisha Lot 043, Volcan Azul

Region: West Valley
Altitude: 1500 – 1700 MASL
Producer: Alejo Castro Kahle
Crop Year: 2021
Process: Natural Anaerobic
Variety: Geisha Lot 043


Comes from a limited selection of exclusive micro and nano batches with unique exotic qualities that come from our menu of varieties such as Caturra, Geisha, Kenya SL-28, Villasarchi, Sarchimor, Mocca, among others. These come in different process presentations like washed, honey or natural.

The Variety Geisha: brought from Gesha region in Ethiopia to Catie institute in Costa Rica in the 1950ÅLs. We introduced this variety at Volcan Azul in 2012 and had the first good harvest in 2016 where it was chosen to compete in World Barista Championship. In 2017 we won presidential award in Cup of Excellence having a score of 90+. After that it has won 5 other Cup of Excellence international award, also was used several times for Worlds Barista Championships and was used to win Danish Brewers Cup. We have planted over 10 different lines of Geisha, looking for the best quality.

THE PROCESS: Anaerobic

We are using anaerobic tanks with a valve that lets the oxygen out and will be replaced with CO2. We can start this process with a Fully Washed, Yellow Honey, Red Honey and Natural process. Then we are developing different recipes by measuring time, temperature, ph or acidity of the mucilage and brix content of the mucilage inside the tank. Its important to say that we are not adding strange stuff to this process, we just want to develop or enhance flavors we naturally have in our coffee with the help of the autochthonous yeast from our farm. After this, the coffee is taken to the drying patio or raised beds, it will be stirred each day from 8am to 2pm. At 2 pm we start covering the coffee with plastic, so we maintain it warm during the night and won ́t gain humidity from the mist we normally have during the early morning. This process will take between 7 and 16 days depending if it was a Fully Washed, Yellow or Red Honey or a Natural and on the weather.

At the beginning of the 19th century, when coffee production was in its early beginnings in America, without knowing it, two pioneers and entrepreneurs, Alejo C. Jim.nez in Costa Rica and Wilhelm Kahle in the south of Mexico, shared the same dream: “To produce the best coffee in the world” to satisfy the new demanding European gourmet market.Today, descendants of these visionary farmers still produce coffee within the same ideals of excellency and top quality that inspired their ancestors that continue with the tradition in Costa Rica. 

Today, the production process starts with the planting of the coffee trees on highly fertile volcanic soil above 1400 meters above sea level (SHB) in 3 different regions from Costa Rica. Nowadays, the descendants of Don Alejo C. and Don Wilhelm want to further enhance the principles of quality inherited by our founders by adding the value of conservancy of natural resources, through the acquisition of extensions of natural rainforest for its protection and conservation. These facts, not just words, are small actions taken by one family to reduce air contamination and global warming. This is the contribution we want to make to mankind, this is the new awareness we want our future generations to inherit.

Size 250g
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