Colombia - Martha Rubi Bourbon CM

Colombia - Martha Rubi Bourbon CM

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banana bread, blueberry, black cherry, hibiscus, dark chocolate

Producer: Elias & Shady Bayter / Martha Rubi
Location: Piedra Grande, Tolima
Variety: Bourbon

Process: Natural Carbonic Maceration
Altitude: 1500 MASL
Crop Year: 2022

Brothers Elias and Shady Bayter are leading their parents' farm, El Vergel, into its second generation by advocating for "a new way of coffee." This means practicing and promoting natural and experimental processing techniques instead of the traditional washed processing method.

Even as the brothers have taken the reins, their mother, Martha Rubi remains a central figure in El Vergel. By her initiative, "Women Project" was formed with eight women and has now grown to 15. They carry out the critical and meticulous task of selective handpicking to ensure only properly ripe cherries go into processing.

Overall, Elias and Shady's coffee development projects focus on empowering smallholder farmers in their home department, Tolima, with updated knowledge to diversify the flavor profiles their coffees can offer, leading to an increase in their crops' quality and market value. The work they do at El Vergel also serves as an example of best practices from cultivation, harvesting, and through to post-harvest processing.

They also proactively connect with international specialty coffee roasters to match their own and their partners' coffees with the appropriate consumers. Through these connections, they enable the two ends of the coffee value chain to get the fullest benefit.

El Vergel is a 300-hectare estate situated on an inactive volcano called Black Mountain in Fresno, Tolima. Different coffee varieties like Geisha, Pacamara, Caturra, Java, and Bourbon are grown in strategically positioned plots with nutrient rich-volcanic soil across a range of altitudes and microclimates. Their wet mill is also known as a hub for successful explorations into fermentation involving novel inputs, from fruits to microbes like Koji.

The Exporter

Forest Coffee is a platform established by Elias and Shady Bayter for their local farming communities to share best practices, and for their coffee to gain world recognition and better benefit from the international market. They celebrate the time-honored Colombian tradition of producing high-quality coffee by fusing legacy knowledge with innovative techniques.

Bourbon plants were first established on El Vergel in 2016. It is known for its high cup quality potential, albeit requiring a substantial degree of care and attention in cultivation due to its susceptibility to adverse elements and potential for only medium yields.

For this micro-lot, the selectively handpicked cherries underwent natural processing and 84 hours of carbonic maceration with lixiviats in stainless steel tanks. Afterward, the cherries were intermittently sun-dried for 35 days and finished with a mechanical dryer.

Whereas traditionally washed Tolima coffees have officially been described as having fairly high acidity and fruity and citrusy notes, the natural carbonic maceration process allowed this micro-lot to exhibit a more complex character, with rich and dark sweet notes alongside a softened acidity.

Weight 250 grams
Roast Profile Espresso/Filter
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