Colombia - Geisha Nano Lot 002 - La Palma Y El Tucan

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strawberry, grape candy, peach, white flowers

Producer: Felipe Sardi / La Palma & El Tucan
Process: Natural Anaerobic
Location: Cundinamarca
Elevation: 1740 MASL
Variety: Geisha
Crop Year: 2022
Tasting Notes: strawberry, grape candy, peach, white flowers

The Producer

La Palma & El Tucan is a world-famous coffee estate and eco-tourism destination situated on the eastern side of the Colombian Andes, two hours away from the capital Bogota. It was established when founders Felipe Sardi and Elisa María Madriñan saw the demand for higher-end Colombian specialty coffee in stark contrast with the capability of the coffee growers to meet it. 

Between 2011 and 2012, they converted previous cattle farmland into a fully-equipped coffee farm focused on innovation while ensuring the well-being of the environment & the farmers. Their coffees have reaped awards on national and world coffee competition stages since 2016. 2019 was most memorable when Korea's Jooyeon Jeon used their coffee to win 1st Place in the World Barista Championship. 

Now in their 10th year, they continue to innovate cultivation practices, processing methods, and business models. They have re-engineered the farm from monoculture to polyculture, introduced Bioinnovation and Bio-Natural techniques, and expanded the geographic scope of their relationship coffee framework called Neighbors & Crops.

The Coffee & Process

Geisha was among the first exotic varietals planted when the estate was established, spread out across five terroirs between 1650 to 1800 MASL. At these altitudes, temperatures range from 9°c and 27°c, and average precipitation is 1300 ml per year. 

Through years of purposeful experimentation, La Palma & El Tucan determined that an anaerobic natural process would bring out its distinctive fruity and floral qualities accompanied by a velvety texture and tartaric acidity. After fermenting in sealed tanks, the hand-sorted ripe coffee cherries were placed on raised beds for 30 to 45 days. The lengthened interaction between the cherry and the bean’s mucilage allows fuller expression of the coffee’s character in the cup.

La Palma & El Tucan produces natural processed coffees in small batches because of the usually high humidity levels that present a challenge during the critical drying phase. Outside the narrow window in a year when humidity levels are ideal, a mechanical dryer is prudently used for the coffees to reach the required moisture level. The cherries are also shifted about every two hours to ensure even drying and to avoid off flavors from the growth molds or fungus.

This nano-lot belongs to the estate’s Heroes Series, which comprises 90+ coffees and makes up 10% of their total production. 

The Exporter

Equation Coffee represents a small group of like-minded Panama and Colombia producers that enact eco-socially conscious choices in their coffee cultivation, processing, and marketing. They are La Palma & El Tucan, Delagua Coffee Paradise, and Creativa Coffee District. Their business model, called Neighbors & Crops, is geared towards invariably innovating and delivering premium specialty coffee while making a lasting, beneficial impact on the community and the environment.

Our long-term relationship with Equation Coffee has allowed us to make internationally sought-after coffees available here in our corner of the world. 

Weight 200 grams
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