Colombia - Letty Finca El Paraiso Geisha

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candied peaches, milky oolong tea, dried mango

Region: Piendamo, Cauca
Altitude: 1900 MASL
Crop Year: 2022
Variety: Geisha
Producer: Diego Samuel Bermudez tapia
Process: Double Fermentation Washed
Tasting Notes: candied peaches, milky oolong tea, dried mango 

Diego Samuel Bermudez A very well-known Producer in Colombia, with his very innovative approached in coffee processing. The Lot. Letty named after his youngest daughter Letty Bermudez. His farm Finca El Paraiso is Located In the region of Cauca at 1960 MASL.

A Great Microclimate from the constant breezes from the Pacific Ocean, the volcanic soils on which he grows crops and the environmental conditions, are the best starting point for his excellent coffees.

Here are the main steps of what Diego did with the processing.

1. Harvesting of 90% ripe cherries, 10% of pintonas (semi-ripe) cherries.

2. Wash the cherry with ozonated water to decrease the microbial load.

3. First phase of fermentation in aerobic cherry (oxidation) for 60 hours in tanks with pressure relief valve at a temperature of 18 degrees Celsius.

4. Pulped

5. Second phase of fermentation in anaerobic mucilage for 36 hours at 18 degrees Celsius with the addition of Leuconostoc bacteria.

6. Thermal shock washing (in order to transfer and fix the secondary aromas developed in the different fermentation phases of the culture medium).

7. First: Water at 35 degrees Celsius.

8. Second: Water at 12 degrees Celsius.

9. Controlled drying for 29 hours, with air recirculation at a temperature of 35 degrees Celsiusand relative humidity of 25%, until reaching a grain humidity of between 10% and 11%.

10. Packaged in grainpro and stabilized for 15-30 days.

Size 200g
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