Burundi - Kawasili

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hints of creme brulee tart, dried dates, and oolong tea

Region: Gahombo, Kayanza Province
Altitude: 1700 - 1800 MASL
Crop Year: 2021
Variety: Red Bourbon
Producer: Andrea Fabiani
Process: Natural
Tasting Notes:
Cream Brulee tart, Dried Dates, Oolong Tea

The Kawasili Company

Through KAWASILI, our subsidiary, we diligently source cherries and export green coffee produced and processed in 1.700/1.800 mslm of Gahombo Kayanza Province, Burundi.

Our team, led by founders Diane NSENGIYUMVA FABIANI and Andrea FABIANI, agronomic engineers, is fully dedicated to promote Burundi coffees and contribute to the growth of the Kayanza Province coffee industry.

The KAWASILI project was initiated on the shared values regarding the reduction of environmental and sanitary impacts of the coffee industry.

We also monitor the processing phase (exclusively natural processing), to limit excessive water consumption and bacterial contaminations caused by the mismanagement of fermented pulps frequently induced by washed coffee processing.

While crusading to convert local producers and cooperatives to work with organic products, KAWASILI is also engage in some innovative experiments, like extreme fermentations processes, biodynamic monitoring and anaerobic-environment fermentation.

We assist coffee farmers in their production process by providing agricultural consultancy expertise. Our focus is primarily directed towards sourcing and marketing quality coffee for the producers, too often weakened by their precarious position.

Andrea Fabiani

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