Cascara Tea, Jairo Arcila Villarazo

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Variety: Castillo
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1650 – 2200 MASL
Crop Year: 2020

Producer: Jairo Arcila Villarazo

Region: Quindio region
Tasting Notes: Wild fruits, Delicate Acidity, round Body, sweet texture and honey like aftertaste

At Finca Villarazo, this cascara is made out of hand sorted and carefully dried cherries, after experimenting different ways of producing cascara at Cofinet, we came to the conclusion that the most balance flavor our cascara tea is achieved when the milled cascara of a natural processed coffee is brewed.

For there process cherries where exposed to the temperature bellow 40 Deg. Celsius and dried on raised beds for 15 days.


Weight 1 kilogram