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Ethiopia, Hamasho Village - Natural

Ethiopia, Hamasho Village - Natural

Region: Sidama, Bensa
Altitude: 2230 MASL
Producer: Daye Bensa, Various small holder farmers
Crop Year: 2022
Process: Natural
Variety: 74158
Taste Profile: Jasmine, Lychee, blueberries, orange, caramel

Daye Bensa, Decided to Name the Hamasho micro-Lot is Reflect the powerful culture of Sidama Hamasho village, The coffee is sourced from the Hamasho Farmers in Sidama Bensa/ Hamasho Village, Hamasho Means In sidamic" SNAKE

Traceability is important four Micro lots we Believe that it s apowerfull tool for the Inclusion and empowerment for us . After We Receive  the Cherries , we Separate them by village ,The coffee is then kept Separate Through out Drying , Processing , and Storage ,with Labels stating the delivery dates ,Farm Name, Lot Name and More .and We Track the production as well as different Experiments and Fermentation methods to Get unique Cup Profiles Because Creativity is no Endless.

our Micro Lots Are Limited Production  , it Helps Us To focus On the quality Beans, First we are focused on Harvested Red ripe cherries and as Much as possible we will sort again with out Red Cherries ,Floting ,Picking and Any Further Quality Analysis  .

- Drying Method -  Drying in the sun ,the coffee Beans are placed on the African bed wood from 1; 20 cm height with  plastic net With 3-5 cm thickness and air  circulation Above And Below

For 13-15 days / Depends on the whether  We assign enough Labours Per bed For Stirring the cherries Every 15-20 Minutes To ensure  Uniformity drying .