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Colombia, Finca Julia Red Honey

Colombia, Finca Julia Red Honey

Colombia, Geisha
Red Honey Process,
Variety:  Colombian Geisha
Process:  Red Honey Process / Anaerobic & Aerobic fermentation,
Altitude: 1.550 - 1.600 masl.
Crop Year: 2020


Region: Trujillo, Valle De Cauca
Tasting Notes:
Lavender, Plum, Red Grape, Cherry


One of the most important and sensitive steps to produce specialty coffees is the process. Our aim is to have a mass with minimum average of 24-30 brix grades in order to have enough sugars to develop the fermentation really well.

It starts by selecting and carefully handpicking in the field. Once the pickers arrive to our site with the ripest cherries from the lot, we start the floating process. In this step, we rapidly put the cherries in a tank with water to take out the non-dense coffee cherries and coffee tree leafs that start floating.

After floating, the process continues by hand sorting beans in raised beds before the fermentation process. In hand sorting, we separate the unripe/partial unripe cherries and also the overripe cherries.

Once we have the perfect cherries, we start the anaerobic fermentation process by putting the coffee cherries inside of a tank with no air or oxygen for 24 hours. After this step we take the coffee out of the tank to remove the coffee Shell (depulp), then we put it back on tanks for Aerobic fermentation process for another 48 hours.

In this Red Honey process, we put the fermented coffee to drain on raised beds for 3 days, then on the mechanical drier for 42hr to do a quick dehydration, then we take the coffees to the Sun Drying Station, controlling airflow and shadow in order to monitor a temperature below 30-38° C. The drying time takes between 25 to 30 days.

After the coffee is dried we put it in GrainPro bags for 30-60 days for stabilization purposes. We then move forward with milling, electronic sorting and hand sorting for packaging.

The anaerobic/aerobic process that we are using allows us to emphasize the great characteristics that we are finding in our Geisha Red Honey coffee beans. The Jazmin flower and lemongrass smell and taste, red fruits, tangarine, the winey, the particular sweet and creamy body are all highlighted with this process. We want it to allow the expansion of the wonderful behaviors of the coffee in the cup, and stimulate all senses of whoever is experiencing it.