Panama - Enigma Geisha - Iris Estate

Panama - Enigma Geisha - Iris Estate

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mandarin orange, floral honey, apricot, bubble gum ice cream

Producer: Jamison Savage / Iris Estate
Location: Volcan, Chiriqui
Variety: Geisha
Process: Natural Carbonic Maceration
Altitude: 1850 - 2300 MASL
Crop Year: 2022

This Project Started in 2017 in joint collaboration between Jamison Savage the Founder of Finca Deborah & Savage Coffees with Sasa Sestic of Project Origin, and Elvin Chin Wei of Cloud Catcher. They Finally had their first production this year 2021. They grow different Varieties like Geisha, SL28, 3 African Heirlooms, Pireneima and Sidra, they’ve also done Several processes like carbonic maceration, Nitrogen, Yeast & Anaerobic fermentations.

This Iris Estate Geisha Enigma is a natural carbonic macerated Geisha process. Grown in extreme elevation, volcanic highly organic soils, shade grown rain forest.

Perfectly ripe cherries are harvested then placed into hermetically sealed tanks. CO2 is then infused into the tanks, periodically, throughout the day. PH, ambient and core temperatures are continuously monitored to ensure balance throughout the delicate fermentation process. A slight imbalance can cause spoilage or off flavors in the cup.

Cherries spend in excess of 100 hrs under the careful care and supervision of the Savage Coffees team. When the fermentation is complete, cherries are removed and then placed on the upper level of the 3 tiered African bed system designed by Jamison. Cherries are consistently agitated to allow an even and delicate drying process and through this drying process dropped to lower levels to extend drying time. Over the course of approximately 30 days the coffee slowly and evenly dries. It is then removed and placed in grain pro bags where it rests in a cool bodega to stabilize. Once rested, the coffee is then milled, sorted by size, shape, density and color. Finally, the coffee is vacuum packed for export.

Weight 80 grams