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SCA Brewing Intermediate

SCA Brewing Intermediate

SCA Brewing Intermediate allows you to enhance and advance on your brewing and tasting skills. We will be tackling about brewing parameters and how you can manipulate them to produce your ideal brew. We will also be using the SCA Brew Control Chart system to understand our brews and ensure that we are properly extracting our coffee and we optimize our flavor.

Candidates entering this course ideally should have a general understanding about brewing. A good pre-course to this is SCA Brewing Foundation. 

Course Outline:    

- Understand how to use the SCA Brew Control Chart and experiment on different brewing profiles, manipulating ratios and other parameters.
- Learn about how roast profile, temperature and grind size affects extraction in coffee
- Learn about cold brew
- Deeper understanding of the importance of water in coffee extraction
- Using different brewing equipments and applying water with different mineral components to perceive the differences in the drink.

Students will Take Home
- SCA Certificate & Archers Certificate
- An Archers bag of coffee
- Detailed hand-outs of all course content
- A new life skill