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Panama Geisha Lucid - Savage Coffees Morgan Estate

Panama Geisha Lucid - Savage Coffees Morgan Estate

Region: Volcan, Chiriqui 
Altitude: 1700 - 1850 MASL
Crop Year: 2020
Variety: Geisha
Producer: Jamison Savage, Morgan Estate 
Process: Natural

Tasting Notes: Orange Blossom, Jasmine Flowers, Honey, Tropical and Stone Fruits

Morgan Estate is located in the highlands of Volcan in the Chiriqui Provence of the Republic of Panama. It is a 12 hectare farm with an altitude between 1700-1850 MASL and planted with the Geisha variety of Arabica coffee. The farm was planted 9 years ago and is a prime example of what Geisha coffee, when grown under the right circumstances and given the right care, can be. The trees are now in their prime and producing award winning Geisha.

Production and processing is under the care of Jamison Savage/Savage Coffees. Processing is a critical element to the quality of coffee produced at Morgan Estate and extreme care is given to ensure each lot meets the exacting standards required to achieve award winning quality.

LUCID is a Naturally processed Geisha. After carefully harvesting perfectly ripe cherries they are laid on a three tiered Africa bed system. On the top level coffees spend only a few days where exterior and superficial interior moisture is removed. The cherries are then dropped to the second level where they dry the majority of the time between 20 and 25 days under the shade of the top bed.

During the drying process, continued selection and moisture levels are taken to ensure Savage Coffees’ exacting standards. After bringing the coffee to a 10.5%-11% moisture level, they are bagged in grain-pro and stored in a cool, dry, dark bodega. Here the coffee will season for up to 90 days afterwhich, they are hulled and classifed by density, shape and color.

Finally, the coffees are vacuum packed and delivered to our global customers.